Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen

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Fethullah Gülen’s remarks came in an interview he gave to the Deutsch-Türkische Nachrichten (DTN) news portal. Asked whether the divide between Kemalists and Muslims in Turkey will remain forever, the scholar said the question implies that Kemalists and Muslims are two opposite elements or notions. “We can neither talk about two dissociated groups such as Kemalists or Muslims in Turkey, nor we can talk about a ‘divide’ that is impossible to fill. We are heirs of an empire society, which possesses characteristics of a mosaic. We have enjoyed the mosaic of different nations, religions, races and languages for centuries. Turkish society is heir to this mosaic and knows very well how to coexist with other people in peace even though they come from other religions, races or ethnicities, Fethullah Gülen stated.

Fethullah Gülen, however, expressed regret that there is a small but influential group in Turkey that is disturbed by the peaceful coexistence of differences in society. I believe that the small group I am talking about will see the reality some day, and they will realize that their interests lie in melting in a pot of rich differences. For me, this will be to the well-being of the entire world, given the importance of Turkey in its region and the world, he added.

Angelina Jolie arrived in Syria

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Famous actress Angelina Jolie to visit the Syrians have taken refuge in the province of Hatay border and came to Turkey on Friday.

In addition, Jolie, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Click for Refugees (UNHCR) Office Click a goodwill ambassador, Syria, anti-government protesters who fled a military coup to 9600 refugees came together. In addition, Jolie, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) goodwill ambassador for the Office of Syria's anti-government protesters gathered in a bloody coup of refugees fled to 9600. Contrary to previous information that kind of time in Istanbul olacagını land, reportedly headed direct from Malta Arrived And Hatay. In contrast to the earlier news that would land the first time in Istanbul, reportedly came from Malta, and headed directly to Hatay. He is expected to leave Turkey after visiting refugee Syrian Hatay. He is expected to leave Turkey after visiting refugee Syrian Hatay.

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