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Police violence the revolt; Occupy Taksim Square

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 the police are in the viewfinder, accused of brutality against protesters TurkeyTension remained high in Turkey on Wednesday morning on the sixth day of protests against the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Again, thousands of people took to the streets of Istanbul and Ankara. Despite the "apology" from the government to victims of police brutality the previous day, thousands of protesters stormed at night Istanbul's Taksim Square, where they chanted slogans calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister. Apologies all necessary that the repression of forces is in the viewfinder.

Indeed, those are the police violence, as thousands of people, led Tuncay Alcpinar to occupy Taksim Square. At age 39, he was a victim of false imprisonment. He spent the year 2011 in detention. Overnight, he was arrested, accused of drug trafficking, and imprisoned twelve months without trial, without any presumption of innocence.

"I had to wait a year in prison. A year there is finally a confrontation in court with a police officer. It happened. He did not even look at me. He just said that n was not me, "testifies to the Turk in Europe one microphone. According to him, the Islamic-conservative power has increased repression. "Since Erdogan (Prime Minister, ed) is in power, it became systematic. They put you in jail. Then they ask you to take care of yourself to prove that you're not guilty. Only not possible, such a system, "laments Tuncay Alcpinar.

For several days, the police are in the viewfinder, accused of brutality against protesters. "You see the events: the police violence hit hard but it always ends up staying in prison violence is psychological And that remains forever.." Said the Turk, told Europe 1. Tuncay Alcpinar is far from alone. It is well aware when discussing with students on the barricades. Too familiar with the problem: more than 2,800 of them are currently in prison in Turkey.
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